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The Siemens SITRANS LT500 Continuous Level Measurement Controller

Siemens LT500

Download the SITRANS LT500 Datasheet Here

Versatile, Single and Multi-Vessel Level Monitor/Controller for Virtually Any Application in a Wide Range of Industries

Siemens introduces the SITRANS LT500 level, flow, and pump controllers for radar and ultrasonic transmitters, as well as any other two-wire 4-20 mA device. These instruments provide the accuracy and dependability required by a wide range of applications, from simple level control to complex pumping routines. SITRANS LT500 is an appealing option for your controller applications, with up to 2 measuring points, six control or alarm relays, two discrete inputs, three analog outputs, and communications options.

The controllers ensure environmental compliance by keeping operations in line with local legislation, assisting businesses in protecting the environment while also keeping accurate records of their processes. High-precision flow measurements comply with ISO standards, and onboard datalogging ensures reliable data backup for regulatory compliance.

Users can easily retrofit older equipment with SITRANS LT500 because improved system control results in direct savings to a company's bottom line. Users can avoid peak energy hours and the associated price increases by scheduling pumps before the start of high-demand periods. Other programmable features, such as grease ring reduction, pump runtime, and alternating pumps, help reduce costly maintenance.

The installation of a SITRANS LT500 controller safeguards a company's most important assets. Reliable instruments keep personnel away from vessel tops and confined spaces. Users can configure the device in an application from the controller's safety by using simple push-button operations or backup control on a PLC. High-level alarms and backup level override assist in preventing material overflow, ensuring the safety of employees, equipment, and the environment.

Better business is the result of process optimization. From the comfort of the control room, analyze processes and identify areas for improvement – or connect these digitalization-ready controllers to the cloud, IIoT, or networks via standard industry protocols.

The Siemens SITRANS LT500 includes:

  • An easy to use HMI display with local four-button programming, menu-driven parameters, and Wizard support for key applications.
  • Removable terminal blocks for ease of wiring.
  • Digital input for back-up level override from point level device.
  • Communication options for HART, Modbus RTU, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIBUS DP and ProfiNet.
  • Single or dual point level monitoring.
  • Auto False-Echo Suppression for fixed obstruction avoidance.
  • Up to 6 independent programmable relays for pump control, alarms, or remote totalization.
  • Level, volume, and flow measurements in open channels, dif- ferential control, extended pump control, and alarm functions.
  • Wall and panel mounting options.
  • Remote configuration via EDD with SIMATIC PDM or SITRANS DTM 

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