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Remote Monitoring and Maintenance Through Digitalization

Siemens SITRANS store IQ

Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring Apps

Siemens offers their customers the ability to make both process measurements and remotely monitor instrumentation's activity and health, whether you have a SCADA, PLC, or DCS system or not. By utilizing Siemens' ability to offer un-paralleled pressure, temperature, and weight measurement, Siemens can provide a broad range of process measurements and offer unequaled monitoring of those products' health and performance.

In conjunction with Siemens Mindsphere, information can then be uploaded to the cloud and used to provide you with real-time monitoring of multiple assets, retrieving real-time data from various remote sites for your user group, anywhere and anytime. You can also receive alarms, alerts, and notifications without delay and extract information into useable data formats for analysis or archival purposes. All of this is sent directly to your pc, tablet, or phone.

Here are just a couple of examples how you can utilize the Siemens SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring

Siemens SITRANS store IQ

Tank Monitoring

SITRANS store IQ designs around your specific remote tank farm monitoring requirements by measuring key variables on-site, using either Siemens instrumentation or other manufacturer's installed equipment. Instrumentation, such as tank level, pressure, and temperature, is accessed to confirm that you have all the necessary information about your installation.

Using the Siemens Mindsphere IIOT, you can transfer the critical information into the cloud and track it through the SITRANS store IQ on the phones, tablets, or PC of designated users. Tracking facilities' status, confirming current conditions on-site, and coordinating delivery and retrieval of material from tank farms are just a few of our remote tank monitoring systems' benefits.

Water Monitoring

For applications associated with water or wastewater treatment and distribution, the SITRANS store IQ Smart Monitoring App can provide similar information geared towards the water/wastewater market requirements.

Whether it's truck loading or unloading, lift station activity, water tank levels, or tracking water distribution through a water network, Siemens can take critical information in remote locations and place it at your fingertips. Siemens broad range of flow, level, pressure, and temperature measurements as well as valve control, and the same Mindsphere IIOT, Siemens can provide information that in the past you could only get occasionally, if at all, and put it right into your hands. From here, you can monitor the throughput in your facilities and the health of both your measurement and control instrumentation and your distribution network as a whole, with real time information.

Safety and Security

Siemens SITRANS store IQ smart monitoring apps are read-only, with information coming from Mindsphere and its secure data transfer. Mindsphere is per IEC 62443 for plant and network security and system integrity at the plant management and field level and access control and communication security.

Choose from a broad range of communications infrastructure options to suit your needs.

Siemens SITRANS store IQ

Siemens industrial wireless communications can provide the link between field instrumentation data and the MindSphere cloud. Siemens mobile wireless routers will provide data transfer to MindSphere in remote locations and packaged with options for multiple cellular communications standards, including LTE, UMTS, and GSM. This comprehensive offering ensures the best signal for data transfer and the most reliable network for installations. Siemens adheres to the highest security standards in network security, and all communications solutions are encrypted with firewall protection to defend against unauthorized access and cyber threats. No matter the network's size, Siemens' scalable and secure industrial communications technology can deliver the solid foundation required for safe and efficient process monitoring.

You define SITRANS store IQ Monitoring App User Groups

You design your user group's size, how you transfer information to the Mindsphere Cloud, and how often your information is updated. Also, your SITRANS store IQ app has one or more administrators that are designated by you. We customize to your requirements to provide the best solution for your monitoring needs and budget. Whether you have one user or 100 or more, and if you need your information updated once a day or every minute, Siemens can provide a subscription plan and app tailored to offer you the visibility you need for your operation.

Siemens SITRANS store IQ

Tank Monitoring

Keep an eye on virtually any other part of your operation that previously required your presence on-site or in the control room. It no longer matters if you have Siemens instrumentation, digital or analog outputs, or a PLC or DCS system. The SITRANS store IQ Remote Monitoring App can take critical information from your process instrumentation and put it in the hands of the people who need to see it.

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