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Regulation Compliant, Lead-Free Water Valves from ASCO and Ives Equipment

Be sure your water systems comply with the newest lead regulations.

Regulations governing lead content of the components of potable water systems have changed as safety restrictions tightened. The 2014 federal law dictates lower lead content for certain systems and components. This change presents new design issues for OEMs. In response, Ives Equipment and ASCO have coordinated to provide a range of valve choices that meet the new regulations, are NSF certified, and come in the industry’s broadest range of characteristics in terms of pipe size, pressure or temperature ratings, and flow coefficients.

Lead Quotas and Valves

Lead is extremely toxic. Tight US safety regulations affect manufacturers of products such as drinking water fountains, reverse osmosis systems, coffee machines. and commercial kitchen equipment. A lead-free system cannot contain soldering flux with greater than 0.2% lead content, or more than a weighted average of 0.25% lead in the wetted surfaces of pipes, pipe fittings, plumbing fittings, and fixtures. Under the law, lead free is a cumulative concept. Let's take an example. A manufacturer who makes dishwashers performs the lead content calculation, averaging all of the models relevant components. A brass valve has 2.5% lead content in the brass parts, well over the 0.25% limit. But the small wetted surface area of the valve is outweighed by the large wetted surface of the stainless steel tank with zero lead content. No design changes are needed to comply with the law.

Here are insights into selecting the correct valve:

  • Brass can have 2.5% lead content, so you must do a calculation to ensure compliance.
  • Lead-free brass products are now available.
  • Composite and plastic components are lead free.
  • Stainless steel is lead free, but it remains expensive.
  • NSF approved valves are often the preferred choice and may even be mandated in the future.

Download the Lead-Free Water Regulations and Valves
White Paper

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ASCO Lead-free Valves

Ideal for the potable and industrial water industry where reliably clean water on-demand is needed.

ASCO Lead-free Valves

Lead-Free Valve Solutions

ASCO Series 212 Composite Valves

ASCO Series 212 composite valves are designed for use in potable water applications and come with NSF certifications. Installation is made easy through the FasN system, with multiple end connector options. Download the Series 212 Brochure for more information.

Download the Series 212 Brochure Here

Series 212 Composite Valve

ASCO Series 210 Solenoid Valves

ASCO has introduced new lead-free brass solenoid valves to the market that are aimed at providing a safer alternative to standard brass valves. The new products meet the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act Section 1417 low lead requirements. Download the Series 212 for more information.

Download the Series 210 Brochure Here

Series 210 Lead Free Valve

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