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Self-Regulating Domestic Hot Water Maintenance Heat Tracing Cable for Hospitals, Hotels, Campuses, and Correctional Institutions

Hot Water Heat Tracing for Temp Maintenance

Self-regulating domestic hot water maintenance heat tracing cable needs to be part of the energy strategy for commercial facilities, including hospitals, hotels,  campuses, correctional institutions, and governmental facilities.

Self-regulating capabilities, environmental safeguards and a solid design make self-regulating technology the wisest choice, consistently maintaining your water supply at a prescribed temperature. The heating cable is fastened directly to the pipes, running their full length and creating a symbiotic relationship, which allows the cable to gauge any changes in water temperature. Sensing a decrease or increase in temperature, the conductive core then adjusts it’s own power output in response, and produces a consistent flow of perfectly heated water – no hot spots, no burnouts, no recirculation. The cable is designed to sustain nominal hot water temperatures of 105°F, 115°F, 125°F or 140°F.

Consisting of fewer components, with no need for cable spiraling or multiple runs, self-regulating heat tracing cable is the clearly better choice. Traditional recirculating boiler systems are grossly inefficient and a maintenance nightmare in comparison to self-regulating heat tracing cable.

While the elimination of return pipes, pumps and valves used in boiler systems provide dramatic maintenance savings, self-regulating heat tracing cable provides ongoing energy conservation because it only heats when, and where, it is needed!

Self-regulating Hot Water Heat Tracing Cable = Energy Conservation

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